Norikop 11

Solvent and Water Resistant Premium Diazo-sensitized UV Polymer Emulsion for Optimal Printing Results

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Area of Application

Norikop 11 is suitable for the production of solvent and water resistant stencils for high quality requirements. 
Norikop 11 can as well be used for processing UV curing screen printing inks.

Norikop 11 is a high-quality diazo-sensitized UV polymer emulsion with 40 % solids.

Norikop 11 is used in the following screen printing markets:   

  • industrial screen printing
  • graphical screen printing/promotion
  • electronics

Color / Pigmentation

  • Blue
  • Sensitized: Green
  • Handle Norikop 11 under yellow fluorescent tubes or low wattage tungsten light.


  • tack-free surface
  • high solids content
  • excellent mesh bridging
  • excellent resolution and definition
  • optimal printing results for fine lines and halftone prints
  • decoatable


Further information can be found in our technical data sheets in the Downloads section

品质 [品質]Norikop 11
premium emulsion
blue blue
40 % 40 %
0,9 Ltr. / 4,5 Ltr.
Suitable for mesh (threads/cm)
40 to 190
Sensitizing of emulsion
Diazo powder
Resistant to
Solvent-based inks
UV curing inks
Water-based UV curing inks
Water-based inks
Plastisol inks
Shelf life in month is approx.
24 24
1,5 1,5
Sensitized stored at 5 to 8 °C
3 3
Coated screens, not exposed
1 1
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