Noricryl® 专门用于PLEXIGLAS®。

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New IMD screen printing ink systems, Noricryl®, NoriPET® and NORIPHAN® N2K which are optimized for different film types, allow new applications in film insert molding to be realized.

Noricryl® is a special development for inmold decoration using PLEXIGLAS® films. Noricryl® is part of the Triple AIM® solution (Acrylic Insert Molding), the all-acrylic innovation for IMD technology with PLEXIGLAS® films, PLEXIGLAS® resin, and screen printing ink based on acrylic binder. 

All Proell IMD inks are suitable for the second surface IMD technology with injection molding onto the ink directly.

Further information can be found in our technical data sheets in the Downloads section

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