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Proell highlights:


Protective Lacquers & Matt Lacquers

Norilux®  DC – formable Dual-Cure lacquer, resistant to abrasion and chemicals – available in glossy, matt, colored und UV stabilized versions

Nori® Protect XCP – new two-component screen printing lacquer with excellent weather resistance

NoriCure® L53795 – outdoor-resistant, UV curing protective lacquer

Matt Lacquer WB 6 – water-based, UV stabilized,  deep matt and formable screen printing lacquer for overprinting speedometer panels made from polycarbonate



NORIPHAN® XMR – an eXtremely Wash-out Resistant IMD/FIM ink system formulated with mild solvents

NoriPress® PP – Adhesion Promoter for PP-IMD/FIM one layer constructions 


Pad Printing

Tampo-Jet® GMI –Two-Component pad printing ink for the decoration of glass and metals with excellent resistances


Live demo of printing and processing machines:


  • The pad printing ink Sorte P will be processed on a Morlock MKM 80 four-color pad printing press for decorating thread counters.
  • Bottle openers will be produced with a Boy XS injection molding machine and decorated by Film Insert Molding (IMD/FIM technology).


Screen printed and trimmed PC films will be inserted with a handling unit into the mold and then back molded with carbon fiber reinforced PA directly onto the ink.


We look forward to welcoming you to our stand.


PDF Symbol Press Release Fakuma 2017 (651 KB)

Effective as of 1 July 2017:

All Thinners and Retarders for solvent-based ink series as well as Hardeners, Adhesion Promoters, Catalysts, Fixatives and Crosslinkers will be renamed and standardized.

Up to now our Thinners were named according to the ink systems. This is now changing and a uniform nomenclature will be introduced.

In future all Thinners and Retarders will only be called Thinners.

The S in the new description stands for slow, the M for medium and the F for fast.

Only the product descriptions are modified, the product recipes remain unchanged.

Please find more information in the below-mentioned overviews:

PDF Symbol Adjustment Thinner and Hardener (18 KB)

PDF Symbol Thinners for solvent-based screen printing inks (27 KB)

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Glasstec 2016

Please visit Proell KG at glasstec in Duesseldorf. 

Halle 12C41-1

Proell Matt Lacquers for Overprinting Speedometer Dials

Proell offers solvent and water-based, Dual Cure and UV curing matt lacquers for overprinting dials.

Please request our new Matt Lacquers Color Info.

Proell Norilux® DC Dual Cure Protective Lacquers

Norilux® DC screen printing lacquer is now available in textured, matt and effect pigment versions.

Please request our new Norilux® DC Color Info.

Matt Lacquer ATM WB 6

Matt Lacquer ATM WB 6 is an amended water-based, formable matt lacquer system for overprinting polycarbonate film instrument gauges (speedometer panels). Printed films are excellent deep-drawable by vacuum or high pressure forming. The matt lacquer can be used as well for matting high gloss films made of PC, pre-treated PET and rigid PVC. The screen printed deep matt lacquer surface has a soft grip and shows good scratch and chemical resistances.


Tampo-Jet GMI

Two-component pad printing ink developed for printing on glass and metals. After stoving, the printed ink film achieves outstanding resistance to chemicals and abrasion. Tampo-Jet GMI shows good printing properties and can be used for decorating perfume flacons and stainless steel products.

more information:

PDF Symbol Tampo-Jet GMI (122 KB)

NoriGlass TPI

Glass Decorating Ink – silicone & halogen free

Area of applications

NoriGlass TPI is a screen printing ink for the decoration of glass, particularly for symbols of touch switches and for backlit displays.


This organic screen printing ink provides very high resistance to aqueous household cleaners, hand and machine dishwashing detergents as well as to chemicals and solvents such as aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, alcohols, greases, oils and hydraulic fluids.

  • solvent-based
  • glossy
  • high grade pigments, free of heavy metals
  • good scratch and chemical resistance
  • free of halogens and silicone

NoriGlass TPI 960 Deep Black

Area of application and properties

High opaque screen printing ink with

  • high optical density, well-suited for display-frames
  • high electrical resistance, excellent for capacitive touch switches.

The electrical resistance of the ink is very high.

More Information:

PDF Symbol NoriGlass TPI Glass screen printing ink (115 KB)

PDF Symbol NoriGlass TPI 960 Deep Black (176 KB)

PDF Symbol Flyer NoriGlass TPI (520 KB)

PDF Symbol NoriGlass TPI 930 Titanium White (177 KB)

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NoriScreen® ALU

NoriScreen® ALU新产品是专门为铝板等金属开发的双组分丝印油墨。

无硅配方体系也可用于生产transfers and不干胶。该体系对预处理PET薄膜有非常好的附着力及柔韧性。

NoriScreen® ALU满足无卤素,无硅、无芳香烃和环己酮,高光泽的油墨在适宜的片材上还具有优异的耐候性。



Norilux® DC 耐磨双固化丝印光油

Norilux® DC是可成形的 耐磨双固化丝印光油,有高光泽和哑光两种。可用做PC和PMMA薄膜的保护层或硬化层。
Norilux® DC是理想的正面印刷在IMD/FIM产品上的油墨体系,该双固化光油可印刷在有纹理的薄膜表面以作为耐磨和开透明窗口功能。
哑光Norilux® DC可印刷在未固化的透明薄膜如Makrofol® HF 278硬化膜上同时得到哑光和高光泽效果。(见图片)操作双固化光油需要在无UV光的环境下进行。

该双固化丝印光油还可以罩印在无硅体系的UV、溶剂型和水性丝印油墨上面(需预先测试)。Norilux® DC的干燥可通过隧道烘干线挥发其溶剂进行。在进一步操作已印刷的薄膜前,需要彻底去除油墨层以及薄膜中所含残留溶剂。可以使用通风良好的烘箱。

印刷Norilux® DC的薄膜在烘箱干燥后可以进行3D成形,如高压成形或热成形。然后成形后的薄膜需UV固化。固化能量为1200 – 2000mJ/cm2 (Kühnast UV-Integrator, UV 250 to 410 nm, max. 365 nm),取决于光油层厚度。


PDF Symbol Norilux® DC (87 KB)

哑光油ATM 1+ 哑光油ATM WB 5

哑光油 ATM 1 溶剂型) 和哑光油ATM WB 5 (水性)是可成形的、用于罩印在PC薄膜仪表盘的专用油墨。印刷后的薄膜可进行真空或高压深度成形。两种光油都适用于印刷PC和硬质PVC。丝印的深度哑光层具有柔软效果且耐刮耐化学品性能优异。

PDF Symbol 哑光油ATM 1 (120 KB)

PDF Symbol 哑光油ATM WB 5 (135 KB)

NoriCure® UV-L 3 耐刮丝印光油

NoriCure® UV-L 3一款具有优异的耐刮耐磨性能的新UV固化丝印光油。固化层甚至耐钢丝刮擦。<br/>高光泽的UV光油适用于印刷PC薄膜、有涂层的PET薄膜(如Autotype Autoflex EPG 180, Autotex V200)以及罩印在其它印品上。<br/>溶剂型和水性油墨以及大多胶印油墨层有很好的附着力,该油墨还可作为保护层罩印在显示屏、镜片和面板上。

PDF Symbol NoriCure® UV-L 3 (104 KB)


NORIPHAN® XWR是最新开发的用于IMD/FIM技术的无卤素油墨体系。

NORIPHAN® XWR 有极其优异的耐冲墨性能和出色的内结合力。
该温和的双组分体系可用于印刷PC和PET薄膜。NORIPHAN® XWR可以NORIPHAN® HTR N或N2K相互叠印。


镜面油墨M3 – 提高耐气候性

镜面油墨M3是新改善的镜面油墨。该油墨用于背面印刷在透明薄膜(PC, PMMA, rigid PVC, 预处理PET)和玻璃上。干燥时金属色粉会沿片材平行排列。



为提高镜面的各种耐性,M3应罩印温和的溶剂型油墨(如NORIPHAN® N2K)或水性油墨(Aqua-Jet® FGL M)。镜面油墨M3 甚至印刷在光滑片材的正面也可得到高光效果。
鉴于色粉粒径大小,建议用77T- 150T丝网印刷。

PDF Symbol 镜面油墨M3 (166 KB)

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